Lyndall commenced her career in the audio visual film industry in 1976 and is a highly experienced and accomplished scriptwriter, producer and production manager having produced hundreds of corporate programs.

In conjunction with David Weston of MediaCraft Interactive, they offer a complete production service for the full range of corporate communications programs, especially videos for websites and social media and online applications. People love watching facebook and instagram videos, so why not get us to create one or a series of short videos to promote your business.

Corporate, marketing, promotional, training DVDs, conference kick off shows, function and event clips, videographies, interviews, multimedia presentations, fundraising and not for profit programs, training, instructional and educational programs, podcasts, vodcasts, My Story DVDs, You Tube videos, online video ads and web clips.

David and Lyndall produced the documentary, Dream Out Loud, on Australian country music through the stories of students at the CMAA Academy of Country Music.

The doco features fantastic sound, lots of video clips and appearances by leading artists including John Williamson, Troy Cassar Daley, The McClymonts, Sunny Cowgirls, Roo Arcus, Felicity Urquhart and Carter and Carter.
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Consulting, advice, ideas, strategy development, campaign planning with down to earth sensibility,


Over her career, Lyndall has proven her exceptional organisational skills, attention to detail, reliability, financial and budgetry acumen, trustworthiness and the preparedness to take full responsibility for all aspects of a client project.


Created by LA Pty Ltd

STUDIO Woollahra NSW 2025 | POSTAL PO Box 5 |Edgecliff NSW 2027

M 0414 681 177 | E la@createdbyla.com.au | lyndallarnold@bigpond.com


Insight. Instinct. Initiative.

Created by L.A. offers a range of creative, production and marketing-based services on a freelance, contract and project basis.

Lyndall brings an extremely practical, realistic and honest approach to every project and will tell you if she thinks your idea is unworkable and will offer alternatives. A valuable directness that you rarely find in a customer is always right environment.

Prompt Turnaround. Realistic Rates


Business Content Writing With Creativity and Sensibility

With natural, creative talent and an extremely high level of comprehension which allows her to grasp even the most technical and complex concepts, Lyndall has proven her ability to put together words to explain, sell, train, excite, inspire, motivate, explain, entertain and communicate.

A versatile writer, Lyndall has a contemporary, conversational writing style, which is perfect for current marketing campaigns, especially digital material. But varies her style to suit the product, from quirky and creative, to straight to the point business through to classic formal.

She has a natural ability to address the audience directly, no matter the market profile.


Long writing, and short copywriting for print, online and Facebook ads and TVCs 

Online content, websites from scratch with original taglines, creative theming and positioning statements or rework your existing site.

Blogs, e books, e guides, news stories, advertorials, editorials.

Corporate communications, marketing and business materials including profiles, funnel marketing, direct marketing, brochures and collateral, business proposals, media articles, EDMs, press releases, awards submissions, tender documents. Whatever your business needs to send out or publish online, I can write for you.

Scriptwriting, DVDs, videos, documentaries, videographies, speechwriting, web videos

Writing for the big screen, small screen, PC screen, mobile screen

Writing with a realistic approach, always with the reader in mind, mindful of the way the information will be presented and the ultimate purpose and objectives.

I work directly with clients as well as through agencies and consultants on an anonymous basis if required.

Hourly rates and fixed fee structure available.

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Created by L.A.