OK, this about me is all about me, which excuses my indulgence in self praise and self promotion. For me it is all about the creative and creation process.

No matter what I am working on it is the actual process of writing, producing a video/DVD, writing a piece, designing and creating concepts, or just thinking it all through, I just love it.

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed an interesting and varied career over the past 40 years responding to opportunities as they arise rather than plotting a set career path. Based on a strong foundation as a writer, producer and project manager, I have developed a wealth of experience and expertise across the full spectrum of marketing and communications services and offer a range of services on a contract, project or freelance basis.

Because I have a range of skills and a marketing instinct, I see the big picture in every small stage of a project and with my business degree and running my own small business, I am always mindful of budgets and cost constraints and of course viability and workability.

In addition to working on client projects I work on developing my own projects which allows me to indulge my creativity and independence and gives me great personal satisfaction. These include co producing a documentary on Australian country music, writing several books including a how to title and sewing my range of teddy bear clothes and doll clothes which I sell through ebay and etsy to buyers throughout the world.

The most difficult question I am ever asked is what do you do
I have not followed the usual corporate career as I have spent the majority of my working life as a self employed contractor and freelancer and the rest of the time working for small to medium sized enterprises at a very senior level. This has given me greater scope and opportunity to do more than a job title usually includes and as such I have acquired a range of skills and knowledge which I believe gives me a somewhat unusual and perhaps unique skill set. And of course, longevity gives me the added luxury of life and business experience, the good and the not so good.

Some people say that anything that happened more than 5 years ago is insignificant to your current CV. I disagree. Everything we do brings another dimension to ourselves and what we can offer in our work and business life.
So here is a chronological overview of my career

The Big Picture

1976, first year out of university and I applied for and got my first real job to complete interesting writing assignments . They company advertised for someone with a degree in Economics and Psychology. As a self confessed dreamer, I probably did in my wildest dreams imagine someone would offer a job for exactly my university majors and hence my first dream came true..
I was Script Assistant in a small audio visual production house and in addition to assisting the head scriptwriter (who left shortly after I started, leaving me as scriptwriter) my first solo project was writing and producing economics and commerce programs for the high school curriculum in 35mm filmstrip and cassette tape format. The images were cartoon style and I had a great time developing these cartoon stories to teach students the basics of economics.

We had an animation studio at that company and produced corporate training and promotional films in 16mm which was transferred to 8mm for screening in desktop projectors. It was a very busy period, we worked long hours and produced many many titles and it was fantastic to have had the opportunity to work in animation and 16mm format. At that time a lot of our work was with motor vehicle manufacturers and producing how to films for the burgeoning home handyman market.

In 1980 I started with MediaCraft as script writer and producer and during this period we saw the change from 16mm to video production, which was an amazing transition. Our clients included a lot of pharmaceutical companies as we produced corporate films on how drugs worked to show doctors as well as a number of 4WD training films. At MediaCraft we had our own recording studio and a 35mm slide production and duplication business and I worked closely with business owner David Weston to manage much of the business side of the company as well as the productions. Dave and I still work together today.

In 1984 I turned freelance and while continuing to freelance to av production houses, I expanded into other areas of corporate writing including pr and marketing print materials. In the late 80s my sister was a restaurateur and it was through this connection that I started in hospitality marketing and from the 80s to current times I have contracted to nearly 100 hotels, restaurants and clubs providing marketing and promotional services. I also had a stint as Senior Consultant in a PR firm which further broadened my skill set.

In the early 90s I was doing a lot of work for Dalbora Marinas and that boating connection led me into the 18 foot skiff racing scene, where I was publicist for the club and managed media for a number of racing teams and I am still involved with the sport through the Rag & Famish Hotel.

In 1994 I formed my own promotional model agency, Team LA, to supply staff to primarily my own clients to implement the promotional campaigns which I developed for them. During this period I also organized, managed and compered fashion parades at various events and venues.
A big part of my hospitality industry work was managing events: creating and implementing special events for each venue and this area of my business grew significantly and I have been contracted to provide event management services to many sporting, not for profit, corporate and fundraising organizations including the Classic Wallabies, the Eye Foundation amongst others.
All this time I was still continuing with freelance film production and contract marketing and writing.

In 1999 I decided on a change and accepted the full time role as Marketing Manager for the Australian Hotels Association (NSW) with the focus on managing an extensive sponsorship program and a large calendar of events each year. Awards nights, balls, political functions, conferences, getaways, networking events, the list was endless and after four years I chose to leave and return to freelance work. The AHA (NSW) still contract me to manage various projects for them including the Country Pub Songwriting Competition.

Over the past decades I have continued providing a range of services to varied clients and developing my business to the format it is in today.

I continue to produce corporate videos with Dave Weston from MediaCraft Interactive as well as freelance writing and project management and pursuing my own business projects.

In addition to my professional work, my sewing skills and talent are providing an additional income stream with my Piper Lee Bear Wear collection and assisting people needing pesky clothing repairs and other sewing tasks through Airtasker. My Piper Lee Bear Wear Collection started around 2009 when I started making bear clothes for my niece Piper. I now sell on ebay and etsy .

When not working on client projects, I focus on my independent projects including documentary productions with my colleague, David Weston of MediaCraft Interactive such as our Dream Out Loud doco.

Not content with just all that, in 2014 I decided to add in front of the camera work to my portfolio and am represented by Screentalent for TVCs and commercial modelling work.

2021 sees me working from home for a diverse selection of clients, primarily on online content writing and awards, grants and tender submissions.

So there is part of my career story, if you want to know more, just ask

Back Story

Everyone calls me LA
Love to play: skiing, swimming, beaching, boating, golf, exercise walking, sewing, writing, wide range of music genres, reading, photography
Love to watch: rugby, tennis, golf and AFL especially live telecasts of major events such as Tour de France, Olympics, tennis majors.
Passionate for fabrics, textiles and design and create most of my own clothes.
Aspire to quality in everything I do and am my own harshest critic.
Detest waste, especially wasting time. As Dad used to say, darling just get on with it.
Super organised, love a list and a plan.

Word of the year for 2022 is Pragmatism

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With natural, creative talent, solid business experience and an extremely high level of comprehension which allows her to grasp even the most technical and complex concepts, Lyndall has proven her ability to put together words to explain, sell, train, excite, inspire, motivate, explain, entertain and communicate.

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